Whois going to Speak on the Eventus Conference.


Dean Ackles

Dean has an extreme passion for digital marketing with over 15 years in technology, advertising and marketing at Supernaturals - global hunting media platform.


June Moss

June is a designer and an artist. She is an author of four books about design and branding. She always fights for the rights of artists.

Sam Padalecki

Sam is the co-founder of Casper Hosting - an independent web hosting company focused on the university education community and clowns OCD.

Rick Lincoln

Rick is the co-founder of TheWalkingTech, the platform for communication. In nearly 5 years he had a remarkable career as a designer and entrepreneur and also in zombie effacement.

Daryl Readus

Daryl works for the famous lab for viral content. He has more that 100 thousand visitors for the last year, covering things from outbreaks to squirrel recipes.

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