Mayor Of Urbanus

Rick Dickson
Rick DicksonMayor
113th mayor of Urbanus City, re-elected on Jun 23 2014.

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Mayor's Priorities

Young People
We’re putting millions into education and youth programmes.
Business & Economy
Health & Sport
Police & Crime

2018 Investigations Urbanus Accomplishments

19 burglaries/thefts investigated 7 cases closed through arrest

17 Missing Persons cases investigated

9 Deaths Investigated

5 vehicles applied for as seizures

15 juvenile cases assigned

Proactive in narcotics and human trafficking

Mayor's Massage

Welcome to the City of Urbanus! The City of Urbanus is home to some of the best and largest businesses and organizations in their perspective fields. Motion Industries is ranked 4th among Top Industrial Distributors, UrbaRel is the largest religious media network in the world, Code of Iron is ranked #3 in IT sector for 2018. Our strength comes from the diversity of our community.

We are trying to transform Urbanus into one good place to live, work and rise your family.

Respectfully yours,
Mayor Rick Dickson
Rick Dickson
City of Urbanus
Urbanus Falls, LA 1452

City of Urbanus
PO Box 315
Urbanus Falls, LA 1452
Phone: 555-456-897