Case Study

Client: Monday Beauty Salon
Budget: $ 2500 - $ 7500
Project Description:
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Task: Rebrand & Web Design
Estimated Delivery Time: 8 weeks
Project Issues to Address:
Increase user traffic for organic searches
Booking hours section with different options
Increase online bookings at least twice

Project Design Ideas

Business Goals

Easy Content Browsing
Easier access to all site features and pages.
Encrease Reservations
Encrease booking reservations from site and app.
More organic traffic in search engines and social medias
Increase in online bookings for the targeted audience 25-40 years old
Increase in income after releasing the new site and landing page
What Our Customer Said

Our Customer Review

We have contacted The Hills marketing company for the build of our new web site. The key moments were increasing the organic traffic from search engines and social medias, as well as more online reservations. Our buisiness depends on our clients to be happy and re-visit our salon. Of course in order for them to become clients, they need to find us first.

This is where The Hills jumped in and created for us an amazing, bold and clean web site with great features. Our clients love it and we already have increased reservations online. Thank you guys, keep up the good work!

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